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Young Hacks Academy

August 21-25, 2017

Greenville Public Library, 573 Putnam Pike, Greenville, RI 02828


“The structure we have at YHA is how we really should be teaching students.” - Katherine, Burlington, VT (instructor)

“Seeing the kids present their work with confidence and new knowledge at the end of just one week solidified the excellence of the program.” - Stefani, Richmond, VT (parent)

“Young Hacks was fun, organized, and just a blast in general!” - Jetlee, New York, NY (student)


Young Hacks Academy is a summer camp that uses technology to develop real-world leadership skills. Blending computer programming, problem-solving, and teamwork, YHA teaches kids to build cool video games about big challenges facing the world today, such as climate change, homelessness, and endangered wildlife. As serious as we are about exploring technology, YHA is also committed to having fun away from the screen, moving campers outside each day for unplugged games like treasure hunts and riddle relays. No programming experience is required. For more information, visit


Beta Masters (for Ages 12-15)

Imagine a small indie game studio that has 5 days to pitch, design and build a new video game. Following a real-world production cycle, YHA Beta Masters work in teams to develop an innovative game prototype from conception to completion. Campers will use the Stencyl game engine to take their computational learning to the next level, creating original graphics and bringing them to life with Haxe coding. The program culminates with a beta release party for friends and family.


The program covers:

• The core concepts of computer programming and video game design

• Strategies for efficient collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving

• Best practices for public speaking: the ability to pitch and present work

• Exploration of important local and global issues

An overview of the program and how YHA aligns with the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards can be found at


The camp runs M-F from 9AM - 4PM.


This is a 1 week job opportunity to teach Beta Masters for Ages 12-15. Beta Masters students will work in Stencyl ( Instructors will be required to have a baseline knowledge of the platform by the start of the session. 


All instructional resources (curriculum, demos etc.) will be made available online along with scheduled webinars starting in May. 


Here are the job listings:


Lead Instructor

A dedicated educator, passionate about technology and experienced in teaching 12-15 year old minds. Will lead in demonstration and guidance of camp curriculum, including video game development, leadership training, team-building, and other problem-solving activities. Will manage 3-4 person staff and act as main contact during camp hours. Proficiency in Stencyl required. First aid training may also be required.

Salary: $1200-$1800 per week


Junior Instructor - College Level

An aspiring programmer, designer or educator, passionate about how technology can create positive change in the world. Candidates must be excellent communicators and comfortable mentoring 9-15 year olds. We're looking for fun individuals who have rich imagination and charisma. Will assist lead instructor in demonstration and guidance of camp curriculum, including game development and leadership training. Proficiency in Stencyl required.

Salary: $550 per week


Junior Instructor(s) - High School Level

A motivated student(s), at least 15 years of age, passionate about how technology can create positive change in the world. Candidates must be excellent communicators and comfortable mentoring 9-15 year olds. We're looking for fun individuals who have rich imagination and charisma. Proficiency in Stencyl required.

Salary: $385 per week


CONTACT Thomas Bacon at tbacon [at] younghacksacademy [dot] com" data-blogger-escaped-style=" #1155cc;" data-blogger-escaped-target="_blank">tbacon [at] younghacksacademy [dot] com for more information.