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Schedules Available via Parent Portal

Student schedules are available via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal!

Please review the following information from our Program of Studies regarding Course Schedule Changes:

Course Schedule Changes
Students may choose courses and programs based on the recommendations of teachers, school counselors, and parents.

A schedule is used to arrange programs and students in some systematic order. A schedule can be most complex and a change in one area often causes changes in other areas. A student is given considerable time to choose proper courses. The school does recognize the need for valid changes.

All requests for change will be decided on an individual basis taking into consideration all circumstances involved. Staffing and class size will be considered regarding the proposed change. Requests for a change may be initiated by a student, teacher, parent, school counselor, administrator, or a director of special programs. The approval of a parent, the teachers of the dropped and added classes, the school counselor and the principal is required for a change of schedule. In addition to that, students are required to justify in writing the change in their schedule, tying it into their graduation requirements or career goals. The parent has a right to appeal to the building Principal if the course request is denied. Schedule changes allowed after three weeks into the first or, in the case of a second semester class, the third quarter will be recorded as withdrawals on the student transcript. Prior to the end of the semester, if the student has a 65 class average or higher a WP (withdraw pass) will be assigned. A grade of 64 or below will be assigned a WF (withdraw fail). Any full year course dropped at the semester will have the current grade posted on the transcript and it will be counted toward the semester GPA. A withdrawal will be posted for second semester and will not count toward the final cumulative GPA.

Enjoy the last few days of summer! We are excited to kick off a great year at SHS!