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Smithfield High School Parent Portal

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Infinite Campus gives parents, students and teachers access to student data information including grades, attendance, class schedules and other pertinent information.

When you, as a parent or guardian log-in, you will see information about all of the students you are legally associated with.   Class schedules, attendance and eventually grades can be viewed.  In addition, schools post important information on the home page, such as events, notices, etc.  The Parent Portal allows progress reports and report cards to be viewed online and printed.



The Parent Portal presents information in real time with secure socket layer (SSL) encryption of the information that is being transmitted.  For maximum security this system is a READ ONLY system.  If you find an error in your student’s demographic information, please download the Update Household Information Form and return to your student’s school.

Using the Infinite Campus Online Parent Portal, Smithfield Public Schools provide an online communication tool which can help you as a parent or guardian stay current with your student’s progress from an Internet connection at home, work or any public library, you can view up to date information about your students.  

Please note that only one application and one login and password will provide you with information on all of your students.

If you have forgotten your user name or password please send an email to Paul Barrette, Director of Technology, at pbarrette [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org or Jo Ann Robotaille, District Data Manager, at jrobitaille [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org. Due to confidentiality, user names and passwords will NOT be given out over the telephone and can only be retrieved by email or in person at the School Department Adminstration Building.

Questions regarding the posting of grades and student specific information should be directed to the High School.