open house

On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, Smithfield High School will hold an open house for parents to meet their student’s teachers and learn about their classes. The Open House will run from 6-8 pm. Parents will need to consult with their students or Infinite Campus for a copy of their class schedule.  Since this is an in-person event anyone attending this open house is required to wear a mask when in the building.  


Advisory 6:00 – 6:15

Period A 6:19 – 6:30

Period B 6:34 – 6:45

Period C 6:49 – 7:00

Period D 7:04 – 7:15

Period E 7:19 – 7:30

Period F 7:34 – 7:45

Period G 7:49 – 8:00

Please remember that Open House is an opportunity to meet your student’s teacher and learn about the class material and the methods in which the teacher is presenting information to students. This is not a parent-teacher conference.  In order to maintain confidentiality, if you have specific concerns about your student please schedule a private conference with your student’s teacher. This event is for parents.  Students are not required to attend.  We look forward to meeting you and as always thank you for your partnership in educating your student!