SHS Morning Drop Off Changes

The School Department, Police Department, Town Manager, and Public Works have been working together to improve traffic congestion on Pleasant View Avenue (PVA).  We will be opening the access road that runs along the baseball field to PVA.  The access road is one-way and exit only!  When approaching PVA, all cars must make a right-hand turn onto PVA.  

Beginning Tuesday, October 12, 2021, anyone dropping off a high school student will do the following:

  • Enter the high school lot at the entrance near Pleasant View Elementary School (McCabe)

  • Proceed to the parking lot and use the middle lane.  Drop off students between door #18 and door #1

  • At the end of the lot take a slight left toward the access road near the baseball field

  • Take the access road to PVA

  • Make a right-hand turn onto PVA


SHS opens doors at 7:00 am.  There is little traffic between 7:00 and 7:10.  Students/families are encouraged to leave earlier in the morning. We will continue to monitor the traffic and make adjustments as needed.  Thank you for your patience.