Smithfield High School

Career & Technical Education Programs

Smithfield High School’s Career and Technical Education Pathway programs offer students the opportunity to begin defining their future from the very beginning of high school. For more than 25 years, our Pathway programs have offered students a three to four course sequence, college credits, and work based learning experiences, giving students a head start in their career field.

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CTE Pathway programs are open to all Smithfield High School students, as well as to students from outside of the district through our application.

Spotlight on CTE

Teacher Preparation Pathway

The teacher preparatory program at Smithfield High School has a unique partnership where students in teacher practicum are able to work alongside a master educator in an elementary, middle and high school setting. Due to the unique nature of all three schools being on one campus, our students are given a first hand experience. Students are currently working at Pleasant View Elementary School where they are working as teacher assistants in the lunchroom and recess and supporting teachers, designing and implementing lesson plans and observing high quality practices.

Teacher Prep 6 Word Stories