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Career & Technical Education Programs

Smithfield High School’s Career and Technical Education Pathway programs offer students the opportunity to begin defining their future from the very beginning of high school. For more than 25 years, our Pathway programs have offered students a three to four course sequence, college credits, and work based learning experiences, giving students a head start in their career field.

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CTE Pathway programs are open to all Smithfield High School students, as well as to students from outside of the district through our application.

What's Happening in CTE?


Monday 12/5/2022

It's hard to believe we are almost halfway through the school year already!

Students enrolled in Career and Technical Education Pathways here at SHS have been busy:

Our Law and Public Safety students have started learning about the basic elements of criminal behavior and diving into crimes against person and property. Students have also begun their Mock Trials in Law I, and First Responder Fitness students are alternating days between self defense and yoga, and their CPR Certification training is coming up in January.

Business and Finance Pathway students are competing in the Stock Market Game and just completed their Investwrite essays focused on research and long-term investing strategies. Personal Finance students just finished learning about how credit cards work and how to avoid the credit card debt trap while Microeconomics students are studying how price changes affect a businesses total revenue depending on the elasticity of the product or service.

Computer Science and Information Technology/Cybersecurity students are busy this month! While some students are building a "decision app for their phone" based on their interest, others are learning how to program and work with 1D arrays or presenting their "Dream Build" computer project as they prepare to start building their drones.

Students within the newly redesigned Teacher Preparation Pathway are working on building a museum around the history of education. Students completing their Teacher Practicum are visiting classrooms and working with middle school students at GMS. Psychology of Learning students are trying to answer the question: How do students learn? Students will be exploring this question and, begin their observations of local elementary classrooms.